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Randy Bett is an education veteran – first as a high school teacher for 23 years and for the past 12 years as a real estate investor and real estate investment educator. Successfully helping students both in high school and in real estate advance in their efforts and results. He began his career in real estate in 2004, learning very quickly what drove revenue earned was relationships, referrals and reputation.

Working with his son Chad Bett, and later with his daughter Nicole Gardiner and her husband Tyne Gardiner, they could quickly grow a business utilizing a revised R4 formula – reputation, reach, repeat and referral. All completing a protocol of how and why business is generated and maintained.

Randy, reaching a turning point, moved on to sharing what he had learned (and continues to learn) as he estimates spending well more than 10,000 hours constantly studying, training and implementing the R4 Formula. He now teaches the formula in the Chamber MBA – The Chamber Members Business Academy.

Randy’s personal philosophy is to enable other business owners a greater success, using cost effective and time proven strategies along with the newest, and oldest, methods of personal development and business development. Always with a focus on building a better business and how/why the business will positively impact their family and community by building and leaving a lasting legacy.

His greatest passion now is helping other businesses, especially members of the Chamber of Commerce, have an “ah ha” moment where they realize just how important personal development leads to business development and ultimately legacy building.

Randy is happily married to his wife Sandy for 36+ years! Their two children Chad and Nicole are their greatest pride and joy. Randy enjoys traveling with Sandy (and their Angel – a 4 pound Maltese cutie) and hanging out with the “kids” and granddaughters, Stella and Allie Gardiner.

Why Are You Reading This?

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re a high achiever, a business owner, an entrepreneur. You continue to learn and grow and push to your potential. You see yourself, and those around you, moving from success to significance at home, work and in your community! You want to live, love, laugh and leave a legacy.

But sometimes ‘stuff’ keeps getting in the way. Like me – there often seems like too much to do and too little time. We feel overwhelmed – torn between our priorities – asking ourselves are we spending too much time at work – missing time with family and friends and asking am I contributing enough to others and helping them succeed and grow.

Maybe This Sounds Like You?

      • Is life happening faster – more than you can handle?
      • Are you wondering like me – are more important things being missed by all of this business?
      • Is the promise to ourselves – ‘This is short term only’ now a repetition of daily habits growing into a prison of  penance?

All of us have felt this way at some time or another.

Now What?

Now at nearly 58 years old – it’s time to get out of the proverbial treadmill. Feeling over my head in ‘other’ commitments while robbing from family, health, faith and community.

You too, like me, realize there will always be more to do than time permits. But I’ve finally realized (it’s taken over 40 years!) the secret is not to get more done – the answer is to eliminate (go on a diet) the unimportant stuff that consumes time in life.

Some call it simplifying – others call it prioritizing – still others call it house cleaning.

Whatever you call it – it boils down to doing the right things – less things – ask “Is this really important?”, “Will this really matter in 5 years if I don’t do this?” or “Is the price today really worth it in the long term?” – like Steven Covey so aptly puts it. – Begin with the end in mind. Reverse engineer your life – at 80, will what I’m doing ‘right now’ be of significance.

Create a vision of moving beyond success – there is another part of the hierarchy of needs beyond self-actualization (success/achievement) and it’s contribution, legacy, community.

My Goal in Writing This Blog

Through the blog, podcast and videos my mission is to celebrate the local heroes – some are business owners, others are volunteers, still others are public servants – those individuals in our communities who are significant – both small and great.

In this celebration we’ll share strategies for personal and business growth, practical tools and tactics we all can use, connect you to other thought leaders in your local community and in the global community.

My goal – again like Steven Covey reminded us – do what matters most – don’t be a slave to the urgent.

Join me in a journey of discovery into clarity and contribution.

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Randy Bett is an education veteran – first as a high school teacher for 23 years and for the past 12 years as a real estate investor and investment educator.

Successfully helping students both in high school and in real estate advance in their efforts and results. He began his career in real estate in 2004, learning very quickly what drove sales was relationships, referrals and reputation.

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