What is The Chamber MBA™?

We’ve built a resource called The Chamber Members Business Academy, the Chamber MBA, and when you join (at no cost) you’ll get instant access to proven marketing training plus access to self development strategies to help grow yourself and your business, including...

    • How to turn your Website from an Expense into an Online Money Machine
    • Developing your Perfect Customer Persona
    • Simple Ways to Leverage Social Media
    • How to Position Yourself as an Expert
    • Creating a Lead Magnet to Attract New Prospects
    • Increase your Lead Flow and Revenues By up to 25% in One Year by Implementing the R4 Formula
    • How Education Marketing Creates Better Customers and Clients
    • Permission Based Marketing – What is it and How Do You Set It Up
    • How to Write Compelling Content to Get Your Customers Permission to Market to Them
    • Spying on Your Competitor – Why, How and the Tools You Need
    • Should you Outsource Your Work – What Works and What Doesn’t
    • Build a Referral Machine That Runs on Auto Pilot

You’ll also get access to a growing video library. Videos curated specifically for Chamber Member Business Owners. And an exact detailed, step-by-step Blueprint to making money online with your total online presence.

Plus we add more tips and tricks and strategies everyday…all for you!

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Fly High with No Guru Needed


Randy Bett is an education veteran – first as a high school teacher for 23 years and for the past 12 years as a real estate investor and investment educator.

Successfully helping students both in high school and in real estate advance in their efforts and results. He began his career in real estate in 2004, learning very quickly what drove sales was relationships, referrals and reputation.

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